How to Write an Argumentative Essay Professionally

The ability to write a properly structured and logicallyharmonious essay is useful to everyone. A well-reasoned essaycontains arguments that support the main idea and convince thereader of its correctness. Argumentative essay includes acomprehensive discussion of the issue under question, as well asweighty arguments that can convince the reader of the correctnessof the author’s point of view. Below you will find some usefultips on how to write an argumentative essay that will help youprepare an efficient paper.

The Difference between a Persuasive and Argumentative Essay

Some students don’t know, but there is a difference between anargumentative and persuasive essay. Even though the objective ofboth types of papers is to prove that the writer’s opinion ismore significant. However, the techniques these essays try to doit differ. Logic, reasoning, and facts are used in anargumentative essay to identify the victor. Reasoning andemotions rather than facts are applied when writing a persuasiveessay.

If you are writing an essay about the death penalty, it’s veryimportant know what type of paper you need to prepare. Emotionalstatements such as religious points, sympathy, and general humanethics have to be avoided. Since you are writing an argumentativeessay, you should have a one-dimensional attention on reasoningand logic.

Figuring out the objective

The main objective of an argumentative paper is to stand up forone point of view of an issue applying to logic, statistics,facts, and research. It includes profound research seizing allaspects of the topic and collecting all necessary information onall relevant opinions.

Argumentative essay also shows your audience a great summary ofthe problem. However, despite all of this, the objective is todesignate your opinion and demonstrate why it is the best amongothers.

Be Interested in the Topic

If you want to know how to write an argumentative essay in aprofessional way, remember that before writing, it is veryimportant to be completely engaged in the topic.

Indicate the Outcome

The main cause why you are composing an argumentative essay is totry to make somebody believe in something or influence anotherperson or a group of people in your correctness in a particulartopic. As you are proceeding in your writing, remember about theoutcome you have thought through.

Choosing a Topic

The most disputable part of the writing process is choosing atopic.

The detailed guide below will help you select the most suitabletopic for your essay.

  • Compose an essay about something you know. There should besome knowledge about the topic before you begin writing.
  • Be well-versed in your topic. Probably, there are some topicsthat are used to you. This way you won’t need to spend a lot oftime on finding information and resources since you will know thetopic.
  • It is good if your topic is something you are highlyinterested in. It’s not a must, however, if you care about whatyou write, it’ll be seen in your work. Always remember that youraudience never pays more attention to the topic than you do.
  • The thing you’re writing about should be somethingparticular. Looking for an interesting topic, try to evadeanything boring and too broad, like abortions and illegality ofmarijuana. No matter what the topic is, there should be a precisestatement so you could argue.

You can use the following as examples:

  • Is animal testing justified?
  • Do murders deserve the death penalty?
  • Should we give more rights to immigrants?
  • Is college important?
  • Is it necessary to remove bias from journalists work?

Prepare an Argument

When you finish thinking over what topic to select, proceed tothe construction of an argument for the essay.

Designing a Good Title

When preparing an essay, many students wonder what the greattitle is. If you want to know how to write an argumentative essayin a professional way, you need to remember that the title iscreated at the end of the writing. First, write your essay andthen compose a title that will match the content of your writing.

Developing a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a compact idea presented in one proposal.It summarizes your opinion on the problem. It is generallyincluded at the end of the intro paragraph.

Characteristics of the statement:

  • It should be as concise as possible
  • It should be one-two proposals concentrating on the basicidea of your work
  • It should have the main argument of the essay
  • Include the thesis in the intro part
  • It must show the position you are take in regard to yourtopic

Preparing an Outline

This type of essay is constructed according to the traditionalformat of most tasks, meaning that it begins with an intro, a fewof body paragraphs, and a outcome. Every separate section has acertain role in the whole design of the essay.


The intro should have the following format:

  • Hook: Its objective is to present in an interesting fashionthe topic to the audience. It can be done in a form of arhetorical question, anecdote, or a shocking fact. Since you needto get the reader’s attention, choose the hook that suits themost your essay.
  • Short intro and thesis: Once you grab the attention of youraudience, pull him into the argument deeper. Introduce historyfacts or just some valuable ideas to let the reader know aboutthe argument in more detail. Ensure that these sentences arerelevant to your theme.

The thesis should be in the end of your intro paragraph and isthe center of your work. Whatever you write about in your papershould be applied to back up the statement. To form a thesis,follow these steps:

  • It is a statement, not a question. Phrase it in connectionwith a fact not an unclear idea.
  • It should make a definitive statement. This is a studiedopinion made by the author to prove a particular idea, applyingto supported research as proof.
  • Don’t make it a simple and obvious statement. It has to be aunique idea that hasn’t received a lot of research and attention.This is why your essay is composed around it. The statementshouldn’t be a question that can be replied in one proposal.

Body Paragraph(s)

The number of paragraphs in the body varies. It all depends onthe argument you have. If your argument can be explained andproved in several critical opinions, your essay won’t be verylengthy. However, if your argument is a unique opinion, moreanalysis and research have to be conducted, making your paperlonger. Every paragraph in the body can be broken into followingparts:

  • Topic proposal: its goal is to present the audience about theparticular argumentative side you have. It shouldn’t explainanything. It is a coordinated proposal that makes your ideaunderstandable and clear.
  • Main argument analysis: Once you briefly explain your mainside, you need to show its reliability. It can be either one ortwo proposals. It depends on how much information you apply toback it up.
  • Showing supportive proofs: any research is not completewithout some evidence. The goal of this proposal is to supportyour argument with real evidence, which will strengthen theauthenticity of your paper.
  • Excelling in the counterargument: there is a counterargumentto every argument. You can’t omit its existence because otherwiseyou will weaken the refinement of your argument. The goal of thisproposal is to show that you are aware about the counterargumentand why your side is more important.
  • The last sentence: once proving your point and defending yourside, make a last statement. It doesn’t have any new novelty. Itreconfirms the proven points. Here, you are wrapping upeverything you said in the paragraph in an assertive proposal.


The final part of the paper is the conclusion, where you need tomake restatements and provide a general concluding proposal. Thisis one of the most important parts since it will be rememberedthe best by your readers.

  • Restate your thesis: It is quite clear that this step obligesyou to rephrase your main argument in a confident and assertivemanner. No new information should be introduced.
  • Restate key points: key points are pillars that strengthenyour thesis. If you are curious how to write an argumentativeessay professionally, you need to accredit these key points.Rephrase the key proposals you had in the bodies. This willincrease the assertiveness of your paper.
  • Overall concluding proposal: If you want to know about themost effective technique to summarize any essay, this is the wayto follow. Prepare a statement that shows the significance ofyour thesis and the reflection that could result from not takinginto account this thought-through opinion. This will add somereal assertion to your argument and give the essay a generalstrong appeal.
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