4ps Marketing Essay

Chapter 10: Making the Brand Placing


Multiple Choice

1 ) As part of the proper brand supervision process, every company and offering need to represent an exceptional ________ inside the mind of the target market. a. promotion

w. cell

c. big idea

d. ad

e. organizational concept

Solution: cPage: 309Level of difficulty: Medium

installment payments on your All marketing strategy is built on STP—segmentation, aimed towards, and ________. a. setting

b. merchandise

c. planning

d. campaign

e. overall performance

Answer: aPage: 310Level of difficulty: Method

3. ________ is the action of building the company's offering and image to occupy a distinctive put in place the mind with the target market. a. Positioning

w. Product theory

c. Promo presentation

m. Performance imaging

e. Preproduct launching

Solution: aPage: 310 Level of difficulty: Easy

4. The result of placing is the powerful creation of ________, a cogent reasons why the target industry should buy the merchandise. a. an award winning marketing campaign

b. a customer-focused value task

c. a requirement channel

m. every-day-low-pricing

electronic. strategic occasion

Answer: bPage: 310Level of difficulty: Hard

5. A good illustration from the value placement for Perdue (chicken) can be ________. a. one cost beats all

b. bring chicken for the world

c. ethical principles, the American way, and quality poultry

d. poultry any way you like it

at the. more tender golden rooster at a moderate high grade price Answer: ePage: 311Level of difficulty: Hard

6. A starting point in defining a competitive body of reference point for a company positioning is usually to determine ________—the products or perhaps sets of products with which your brand competes and which function as close substitutes. a. practical membership

m. competitive field

c. category membership

m. value membership rights

e. require field

Solution: cPage: 311Level of difficulty: Medium

six. Which of the following terms is most tightly associated with the subsequent statement: " attributes or benefits customers strongly affiliate with a brand, positively examine, and assume that they could not find for the same level with a competitive brand”? a. Brand photo

b. Points-of-difference

c. Points-of-parity

d. Points-of-value

e. Manufacturer concept

Solution: bPage: 312 Level of problems: Medium

almost eight. ________ will be associations that are not necessarily exclusive to the company but might in fact be shared with others. a. Points-of-parity

b. Points-of-difference

c. Manufacturer cells

d. Brand positions

e. Points-of-competitive field

Answer: aPage: 313 Level of difficulty: Medium

on the lookout for. To achieve a point-of-parity (POP) on a particular attribute or benefit, an adequate number of customers must believe the brand is " ________” on that dimension. a. most excellent

b. neutral

c. marginal

deb. good enough

at the. service-based

Answer: dPage: 313 Level of problems: Medium

twelve. The preferred approach to positioning should be to inform buyers of a brand's membership ahead of stating its ________. a. point-of-parity

w. point-of-difference

c. point-of-conflict

g. point-of-weakness

elizabeth. point-of-reference

Answer: bPage: 314 Level of difficulty: Medium

10. There are three main ways to convey a brand's category membership: announcing category benefits, ________, and depending upon the product descriptor. a. overt publicity

w. industry control press

c. buzz advertising

d. desire positions

electronic. comparing to exemplars

Solution: e Page: 315Level of difficulty: Hard

12. To prevent confusing brand loyal clients, Ford presented the X-trainer as a " sport lorry. ” With respect to ways of offerring a brand's category account, which of the following do Ford employ with its new product? a. Announcing category benefits.

b. Comparing to exemplars....


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